I am Canadian human being who likes reading way too much. I tend to prefer fiction books and for a lot of my childhood I only read fiction books that featured animals and had a happy ending. I have, thankfully, expanded since then and now read pretty much any fiction novels; although admittedly I still have a penchant for happy endings. I love getting book recommendations! Since I have no idea what else you could possibly want to know about me I’ll leave it at that and say that you all can comment anytime and constructive criticism is appreciated. Those who want to post mean comments, refrain from doing so. If there is anything you’d like to see more of comment on one of the posts and we’ll see what we can do about it. I’m thinking that when I post reviews I’ll try and make the photos that accompany them my own instead of simply using the books cover. What do you think of that? Anyways, thanks for reading!
P.S.: I just tried to google myself and found a twitter account with the same name/title. That is not me, I only have this site.