The Undomestic Goddess

This book was a riot! Samantha goes from overworked lawyer to under-qualified housekeeper. After a disastrous day she walks out of her office and gets on a train to clear her head. She ends up god knows where and goes to ask for directions. She walks up to this big house and knocks on the door for directions and they think she’s there for an interview! At a loss for words she ends up inside and before she can wrap her head around the situation they’re asking about her qualifications and work hours! Unsure quite how it happens, she lands the job and they’re expecting her to begin work promptly. Initially she plans on going back to them and telling them the truth, hoping they can all have a good laugh and she can go back to her job—the one she went through school for, being a lawyer. However, she ends up showing up for work at the large house to work for these people. The only issue is…there is a reason Samantha never considered a job in the domestic industry. Samantha cannot cook, cannot work an oven and doesn’t understand ironing. She is a mess but if law school taught her anything its determination.

This hilarious read is one of a kind. It is absurd in that you wonder if it could ever actually happen to someone in real life! I want to pause the review for a moment to say that if anything like this has ever happened to you I would love either a video of the whole thing (doubtful since most people tend to be suspicious of those with filming equipment) or a very detailed play by play of the whole scenario!

Anyways, on top of all this is a hansom man and a helpful woman offer her their help once they begin to suspect that she is not quite what she claims. Love blossoms and the roses are smelled but will this be a forever type of life or is this just going to be Samantha’s holiday? After all, housekeeping is not a job for a very very well payed lawyer. This read is light and airy and will make you laugh out loud―there is no doubt that this is a book worthy of 5 stars!


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