Vampire Kisses

The worst book I have read in awhile! It was scary and cringe worthy and while it tried to be a solace to the misfit goth, it was just downright disturbing. It is three short books rolled into one decent sized book and I must say I couldn’t even bring myself to finish the second book in it (the first one was painful enough). Here is a broad outline: It follows a goth-girl who has felt out of place in her small town her whole life and she is waiting to leave it. Her favorite place in this town of hers is the run down mansion that serves as the premise for all the towns haunted house stories. Raven (our goth girl) enjoyed exploring the mansion as a kid and was sad once it got boarded up, preventing her from entering ever again. One day a new family moves in and she is convinced they’re vampires due to the rumors going around school. Thus she goes sleuthing around and eventually breaks in to investigate. The new boy gets a glimpse of her and she a glimpse of him and though she hightails it out of there she is pretty sure she has just seen the most beautiful vampire in existence. Reading up until this point is not fun but its also not terrible yet and so I continued bravely onward; a mistake I will for a long time regret. Eventually, Raven and her vampire meet (ironically, he invites her over) and they are talking for the first time (remember they have only had 1-2 glimpses of each other up until now) and she goes and calls him her “Gothic Mate”. That was when I was done. I forced myself to keep reading after that but once you get to Gothic Mate there is no coming back. I quit soon after. I am giving this book a 1 star rating because it is just generally horrible. Raven is nothing more than goth. That is all I know of her and I feel like that is a shame. Does she like cats? How does she feel about the rest of the supernatural set? If you’re looking for a hero I really hope you can find a better one than Raven. This book is just downright disturbing because it presents itself as a normal book but 99% of it is just showing obsessive and extreme behavior. This book is best avoided.


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