Midnight, Texas Series (3 Books)

By Charlaine Harris, this series takes place in Midnight, Texas and focuses on its peculiar inhabitants. They all have a secret, each and every last one of them. But Texas is a good place to have a secret…sort of. No one asks questions and they definitely respect privacy. But the town is small and all its inhabitants are a little too smart for their own good and some things you learn weather you’re seeking answers or not.

I loved how we got everyones perspective (some only in the last book and only for one chapter at that but I loved that I got at least some time in everyone’s head/life!). As I mentioned before, this is a writing technique that I truly enjoy (I’m a very nosy person when it comes to my book characters). Here’s one issue that having all perspectives brings up though, any mystery is quickly unveiled. I almost stopped reading this book because you know whats going on and you’re pretty clear on where you’re headed and you’re 99.999% sure you know what everyone has done. The characters, however, are what kept me coming back. They are what drove me to finish the first book and they were the reason I had to read the second and third ones also! Don’t get me wrong, there are plot twists (and exciting and relatively unexpected they are!) but they usually come just a little past where you would abandon a book. I’m sure for many they come too little too late but for those who hang around, you will be rewarded!

I give this book a 4 star rating because it is really enjoyable but it relies heavily on the characters and their secrets to move the book rather than the nearly transparent plot. I even read somewhere (I forget where sadly) that the author admitted that the plot was very much that of a small town. That said, we all know that the small towns of literature are notorious for being slow paced and secretive; with inhabitants that are all pretty sure they know most of each others secrets and all they’re missing to be perfectly certain is confirmation from the person(s) themself. Thus, love the characters and stick around for the plot twists and their after-effects! Do note, I would argue that the second and third books are better than the first but that may be because by then you’re already a resident in the town of Midnight (all without even taking your nose out of the book!) and you have your own gossip you’d love to share!


NOTE: I found out the best news after being disappointed when I realized that the series was ONLY three books long. Midnight, Texas is becoming a T.V series! The pilot airs on the 26th (forget what station but Google quickly reveals the details. Be careful though, the description gives away what supernatural being everyone is/is not and since this is a major thing you have to wait to have confirmed in the books, I would recommend not reading the T.V. series description too closely). I am hoping like crazy that not only is it as good as, or better than, the books but also that it lasts long! (Over three seasons would be wonderful.) Here’s to hoping it airs everywhere it has fans that are anxiously keeping their fingers crossed in the hopes that it’s a hit! (Do note the T.V. series is supposed to be faster paced than the books so it’s probably more accurately described as a T.V. series that will be loosely based on books. The T.V. series is going to have the same title as the book series, Midnight, Texas!). One disappointing thing I have already noticed about the series is that it looks as though Chuy may not be in it and that is just scandalous because you CAN NOT have a T.V series on Midnight, Texas and not include ALL of Midnight’s residents!


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