Avalon (Wild Hearts series book 1)

This book is priceless. Of all the books you ought to read in your lifetime…. this is it. I have reread this book so many times. You think you know strong female characters? You have never met one like Avalon! She is funny, fiery and feisty and strong as hell. She is an instant role model and since I can’t be her I would give just about anything to meet her and have her as a friend. It has made me try to be a better person; more understanding, patient and less quick to judge. It may be classified as a young adult novel but let me tell you a lot of it is worth the while for people of all ages.

This story follows main character Avalon, a girl born and raised on a cattle station in Australia. The station is not only her home, it is her past present and future. Avalon loves her hard working family and all their workers. She gets along with just about everyone and is a real people person, she always has a story to tell. She is also one of those rare people that is not only good at talking but is equally as good at listening. Things get messy however when Avalon must go live in the city with her mom, whom Av does not get along with— past scars that haven’t faded. A girl that has never been without her family (her best friend is her older brother Nathan); she is thrust into this new environment with no one on her side. She has to stick out the six months her mother demanded because if not her mother will take half the land their station is on and sell it. That would sink the business and Av cannot let that happen to her beloved family and home. I cannot explain the extent to which Av loves her home and her life and her family. They are what keep the fiery girl going.

So Av goes to the city and tries to keep herself from falling apart. Av is unconventional however and to keep her mind off things she pranks her easily irritated neighbor, Seth; she befriends the residents of the local elderly home and meets her idol—the man with the record for the highest bareback jump ever. Av is a very hands on, drive life forward type of person and she could never be accused of letting life pass her by. Next thing you know she is pranking her big headed neighbor, decorating the old folks home and taking them to shows and dancing and giving them their lives back (even if it means going against the wishes of a demeaning nurse) and getting the old jumper to help her with her jumping dreams and bringing him back to life in the process. This girl spreads life like none I have seen before. She is fierce. She is no lap dog. Av is at once everything and nothing you could possibly expect.

I urge you to get to know this girl because man she will change your life. I don’t even know her and I miss her even though its been two weeks since I closed her book. Some characters just stay with you and refuse to be shaken. With an impressive rating on Goodreads (when I checked one link had 4.75 stars and the other had 5 stars), its clear I’m not the only one whose life she has taken over. (Check it out on Goodreads here for yourself to see he rating for yourself! its possible it changes as more people read it and it gains popularity.)

I would pay good money to see this book become a movie. It would be a dream come true! Its times like this I wish I were a director—then I could MAKE it happen!

So here is the catch… the author published independently and thus this book is not (yet) available in bookstores (and I don’t know if it will ever be, although it definitely ought to be!). It is however available at amazon.com! I’ve included the link in case you want to check it out. I had to get mine shipped to me in Canada and while not cheap I have no regrets and ended up buying three other books (Thunder road series I will review another time) along with it to save on shipping costs (and costs per Thunder Road book book ironically)! Nothing like a good excuse for more books!

(I give it six out of five stars in case it wasn’t obvious.)

P.S.: If/once you read it send me a message and I will tell you some great news in regards to the book!


One thought on “Avalon (Wild Hearts series book 1)

  1. Oh and can I just say it is nice to have a story involving (not 100% about them but they are mentioned/ present) horses and cattle and farms and such and to not have it be painfully cheesy and cookie cutter! Finally!


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