The Unexpected Everything

The Unexpected EverythingThe Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had high hopes for this book. Firstly, because it’s by an author whose books I have read before and enjoyed. Secondly, have you seen that cover? It has dogs and a food truck and sunshine and it seems to show everything one could possibly want from a summer book! When the book finally came on sale (because sadly there is no way can I afford that hardcover at full price) I bought it without pause. Once I got home with it though, I started to worry… I had lusted over this book on bookstore shelves for over a year by now; was I setting myself up for disappointment? I had no reason to fear! This book was more than even I had dared hope—and let me tell you, that summary on the inside flap does not do it justice. It was, happily, a solid 4.5 star read. (It would have been a 5 but having just bought it, I haven’t had the opportunity to reread it yet 😉  )
(NOTE: I have since reread it twice and it has thus been upgraded to a five star read!)

Andie’s father is in politics, which means that she, as his daughter, is also subjected to scrutiny. If she screws up, it reflects badly on him. Therefore, Andie always has a plan. This extends from what career she is going to pursue and how she shall spend her summer to aid her in that goal, to always remembering to bring a Diet Coke bottle to fill with whatever alcohol she is drinking at a party, lest the media find out and try using it to hurt her fathers career.

Then comes the scandal and her father steps away while his office is investigated.This shouldn’t have affected Andie, after all she had known for months now that she was going to be gone all summer at a Young Scholars Program. However, Andie and her father are more closely intertwined than even they know and when her fathers career seems like its going to turn scandalous, the man who gave Andie a recommendation letter revokes it. This causes the program to drop her at the last minute and for the first time in a long time, Andie is left in limbo. Whats worse, her father will be home (something he hasn’t been for five years, ever since her mother dies) and Andie hasn’t had to deal with parental (or any adult) control in a long time.

Instead of a summer away at a scholars program, Andie gets one filled with… dogs? Originally, Andie is not impressed by this but as the summer progresses and she hang out with her best friends, makes new friends (possibly a good summer fling?) and learns how to live with her father again, things begin to look a whole lot clearer than they have in a long time.

Question! Want me to make a post of spoilers for it? I never know if any of you would enjoy that. Personally I always love spoilers but I know that I am in the minority there. If no one gives yes/no ‘s then I think my future posts will probably contain more spoilers and less of the summary style Ive been doing. After all, if you only wanted the summary its the first thing that pops up on google! That sounds like a good plan folks! Have a good day/night/evening/etc…  🙂


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