1-800-Where-R-You OR Vanished Series (5 books)

Vanished: When Lightning Strikes / Code Name Cassandra (Vanished, #1-2)Vanished: When Lightning Strikes / Code Name Cassandra by Meg Cabot

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

**The first four books were put into 2 volumes and at the same time they were given a different series title —Vanished. Cover pictured here in purple is the cover of the first volume (books #1 and 2). Cover featured at the top is of the original book cover for book #1.

Let me tell you a story about a girl, maybe even a sort of hero, Jess Mastriani. She’s quick with her fists —there is never any doubt about that— and that often leads her to trouble; usually in the form of another week of detention. More than that though, Jess is a loyal, quick witted, kind, just and hardworking girl and even now that I am older than her, I still look up to her and would be pleased to be even half as good a person as she. If I had read this book earlier in life, I do believe that I would be a different person. Nothing major, but I like to think that I’d be a little more patient, a little more kind, a little less patronizing. As it is, I’m working on it. Now do not get me wrong, I got my hands on this book series a while ago (over five years ago) and I will freely tell you, I have read this series over way more than once! Its one of my go to book series for when I’m bored or away from home and feeling lost or even if I’m gone for a day at the beach and need a good book. This series and I have been many places together; it’s one of my many homes.

Jess got struck by lightening and now she can find missing people by simply looking a their picture. Next morning she wakes up and WHAM, she knows their current address. While Jess is happy to be able to reunite worried parents with their missing kids, her newfound powers do seem to come with a bunch of issues; including (but sadly not limited to) two FBI agents that won’t leave her alone.

I could go on for days about this series but I am not going to. Give it a read (please!) and see what you think of Jess for yourself. She is well worth getting to know no matter how old you are. She shows character evolution over the series as a whole that, honestly, a lot of book series miss out on. This whole series is, without a doubt, a 5 star read.


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