Saving Wishes

Saving Wishes (Wishes, #1)Saving Wishes by G.J. Walker-Smith

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This romance by by G.J. Walker-Smith is well written and I really like the main character. Charli is very much in touch with her flaws. She owns up to them and does not apologize for them. “My head is very protective of my heart and its a defect I’m well aware of,” she says simply. She has a harder time seeing her good qualities but perhaps the arrival of a new boy, Adam, in town could be the key to opening her eyes. Maybe he can see them for her. Either way, Charli often lets her whims guide her, such as skipping school to take the pictures she so much enjoys. That particular hobby has lead her to know all parts of her little town, even the off limit ones, probably adding to her questionable status among the towns residents. She doesn’t let all this bother her too much though because for as long as she can remember she and her best friend have made plans to escape their town to travel the world. Charli never intends to return.

Before she can leave though her brother insists she finish high school and although she is practically counting the days till her escape, she intends to please him on that front. Charlie comes off as a tough girl but as we delve deeper into her story and as she opens up more and more to Adam she lets her softer sides show. We learn the meaning of the books title and I must say it warmed my heart and made me view her a little differently. We begin to see how not in control she is as she admits to Adam “I chance everything to fate. I always have. I’m constantly looking for shifts in the universe. My brother tells me that I’d find a deeper meaning in the ground.” Charlie truly is a compelling and bright girl. Adam sees all this in her but they are different people with different aspirations and backgrounds. One wonders if they’ll be able to make a go of it. Their love could either turn into the deepest, most painful, fling or it could be the start of a long life together. I rooted for them the whole way because they’re both such good people who deserve happiness.

I give this book a 2 star rating out of 5 because while I mostly liked Charli, I didn’t really care for anyone other than her. I am/would have been (not going to give that away) sad that/if Adam left but only because of how it did/would impact Charli. Maybe it is because the story is told from Charli’s point of view but Adam seems too perfect for me to relate to and he remains rather one dimensional. Apart from not particularly caring for any secondary characters, I also found this book lengthy because of its many dull moments. While this slow brewing story gives credit to their love (it takes time for one to know if love is true), it also meant that nearly did not finish this book—many times.

*Note that on Goodreads this book has a high rating of just above 4 stars but I honestly did not really enjoy this book and will not be recommending it to anyone. On that note, if anyone does/has read this, feel free to leave a note about what you thought. Is it only high on Goodreads because most people that didn’t love it, didn’t rate it? Or, alternatively, am I the so called black sheep in my low opinion on this one?


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