I read books for a living. I don’t get payed but they’re what has always kept me going. They’re the reason I’m still here today. Here’s the thing though, in books there’s always something to fight for; a definitive goal that can be achieved. And I have always wanted to save the world, to make a difference to, not a handful of people, but to the billions present and all the generations after them. However, I could never figure out how to because I can’t solve world hunger and I can’t create world peace and I can’t wave a wand and make everyone happy. For the longest time I have thought that there is nothing I can do; I will never save someone. I will not make a difference. I felt like all the opposable battles had been fought and ended. I had no faith in humanity left in me. We’re too lazy to fight wold hunger and to jaded to believe world peace is possible. No one wants to leave their houses much less change the shameful ways of the world.
Then came today. The 21st of January, 2017. It was on all news networks and it plastered all platforms of social media. There were these crowds of people―people everywhere! ― and so densely packed that I had to take a second look as to what all these aerial photographs were about. All these people. Thousands upon thousands of them, were fighting for the same thing. Everyone was up and out and fighting for something good. And the size of the crows!
Two things I believed impossible happened today.
1) A peaceful protest standing up for something just and kind and fair.
2) People showing that they give a damn by showing up.

Humanity finally gave me hope. Today I have seen and learned that while we aren’t going to fix all our problems anytime soon; we refuse to loose ground. We are not fast to progress but we are steadfast in keeping what we have gained.




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