The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our StarsThe Fault in Our Stars by John Green

****On the off chance that you have managed to avoid a spoiler of this book/film I encourage you to read/watch it before reading this book review as it MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! NOT EXPLICIT BUT DEFINITELY IMPLIED SPOILERS ABOUT THE ENDING OF THE BOOK. PROCEED WITH CAUTION AT OWN RISK.****

I am way behind the times because I read this book for the first time yesterday. I couldn’t bring myself to read before now because it has heart wrenching written all over it. Our dear author John Green keeps his books painfully realistic and he will not gloss over an inevitable ending just to save his readers hearts from falling to pieces. I must say, I enjoyed this book

John Green once again did not disappoint and I felt that this book was a good learning experience. After all, what does one say to a loved one with cancer? Act normal? Acknowledge it or ignore it? I like to think that this book offers some small bit of insight into what its like to live with cancer, both as the person with it and as the person who is suck on the outside watching and waiting. Let us be clear though, the story is not about cancer, it is a love story (albeit a tragic one) and the two main characters just happen to have cancer. They are so much more than their diagnosis and I think that is made very clear in the book. I like the portrayal of these two and fell in love with them because they’re both such great people. Some chapters are a bit descriptive and they’re painful but that makes it real; after all you cant have a book that deals with a terminal illness like cancer and not have a few bad days. I fell in love and wish that I could meet Augustus, Hazel and Isaac and become their friend. I miss them already.

I give it a solid 4.5 stars for the simple reason that to give it 5 stars I have to reread it and I have not yet done that. If that changes I will be sure to return and update my rating. Take care and have fun reading (and whatever else humans are supposed to do other than read, enjoy yourself doing those things too).


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