Riding Lessons

Riding LessonsRiding Lessons by Sara Gruen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Riding Lessons, a book by Sara Gruen, is a good story of a family just trying to survive and keep the things they cherish most. It follows ex-world class Olympic contender Annemarie Zimmer through a series of disasters. The book takes place years after her Olympic aspirations are done and past. She has a daughter now, one who knows nearly nothing of Annemarie’s past and the horses and competition that filled her every waking hour. As disaster after disaster strikes, Annemarie takes her daughter to stay with her parents for some time. Old secrets must come out and new ones must be unfolded. Annemarie must decide who she is, what she wants and what she is willing to change. Maybe the white striped gelding is the answer. Mind you, he could also tear it all apart. After all, he’s so much like Annemarie’s one true love of an era past, a gelding named Harry she used to love and compete on.

I must say that I like this book. If you know a lot about the riding world you may disagree with me because the writer is not always exact or specific on the details and that can irritate some. If details aren’t going to bother you too much, (for example many seem to be annoyed that its never 100% clear what kind of riding barn Annemarie’s family owns. Is it jumping? Eventing? something else?) then I’d say to give it a go―especially if you like horses, serious family drama and self discovery.


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