Why I Decided to Start a Blog

It is rather ironic that I am starting a blog for my book reviews and my first post isn’t a book review. I promise/hope this is the first and last time that ever happens. Arguably, I have read way too many books in my relatively short life. Ask my parents, I was that child that got asked “why don’t you go out and see your friends/the mall?” More than once family and friends alike have tried to get me excited/just willing to go to a party. I was and still am that child. Some may say that I have an issue but like most addicts I don’t believe that it’s really a problem (though secretly sometimes I realize that maybe I do need professional help). Either way, I decided that a blog full of reviews of my favorite/least favorite books could be useful to not only me but to other bibliophiles as well.

The number of times that I have been unable to find a book that I was in the mood for is terrible and I figure that by sharing maybe I can help at least one other person! That would be a good start. It should be known that my favorite types of books (and thus those that I’ll post about 99.999% of the time) are fictional. They will be mainly young adult novels, with some children/middle school books thrown in from when I was younger. I also have a fair share of fantasy novels and some adult novels. I feel that within the fiction category I have a few from all types.

On the off chance that anyone ever starts following this blog, if you ever want me to review a specific book I’d be pleased to, as long as I can get my hands on it and it’s available in English because while I would love being able to read other languages, so far I am unable. I think that I have said all that you need to know so go forth good reader (or non reader) and find your alternate universe (that was painfully pleasant sounding).

P.S.: until I find out what format of book reviews work best/are preferred, I will mix it up and try different versions. For example, do I include book summaries, spoilers, favorite quotes/passages, my favorite characters and/or what I would change if I were to rewrite it? I’ll try a few formats and go with what I like and (if anyone reads this) what you(s) like.


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