SundancerSundancer by Shelley Peterson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

People never look up. I never really thought about how rarely I looked up until I read this novel. However, ever since then I have made a point of looking up. I see a lot more and let me tell you in hide and seek I am now a professional. Bird is a young but very smart and interesting girl. She depends on her animals, communicating with them more than she does the people around her― whom she communicates with only when necessary― after all the animals are happy to have a human to talk to. This is a book that I have read countless times and is definitely one of my favorites. Bird is relatable without being predictable and time and again I find myself intrigued, thinking of Sundancer with his proud spirit. It makes me wonder if all the other hard cases we once gave up on could have been saved. If renegade horses truly exist or just a lack of understanding. It’s a good book that may get you thinking but mostly it’s filled with moments that will make you chuckle and a horse with lots of sass. I especially love the quotes that begin each chapter. They are Sundancer’s words/thoughts.


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